Sunday, May 25, 2008

[Hike] Lightning Ridge Trail - Mt. Laguna

Hiked the Lightning Ridge Trail in Mt laguna (about 60mi SE of San Diego County), today.

At about 3mi round trip, this was a very easy hike, but with some splendid views:

To get to the trailhead you have to Take Sunrise Hwy (from the I-8), and keep driving North on it, till you get to the Laguna Campground. The Trailhead is not clearly marked, but look for the Amphitheater and a small Stone Monument and follow the trail from there. It goes through a few quick switchbacks and leads up to a water tank (see last pic below). There is a split half way up and you can take either route (it is a loop from there on, so you can go one way and come back the other).

Spotted this red Ladybug lazying on a wildflower (should have tried harder to get a closer shot?)

View looking North East

(last two pics) Views looking SE

Water Tank at the top

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