Sunday, August 23, 2009

[3 peak, PEAKBAGBING Hike] - Baden-Powell Traverse - Angeles Natl Forest - CA

Baden-Powell Traverse is a fairly hard hike that takes you up 3 peaks - THROOP PEAK, Mt. BURNHAM and Mt. BADEN POWELL, all in one single hike!

Summit pics of Mt. Baden Powell (above) and Throop Peak (below) (what's a peak bagging hike, wihout some bags at the peak, right? ;-)

The idea with this "peak-bagging" hike, is to park one car at Dawson Saddle and the other at the Vincent Gap Parking lot. You start from Dawson Saddle, hike about 10 miles while gaining and losing quite a bit of elevation (2400'/ 3700') and end the hike at Vincent Gap, you summit Throop Peak, Mt. Burnham and Mt. Baden-Powell, in that order!
To get to the first peak (Throop), turn right at the first PCT trail sign you come up to (about 2mi into the hike), walk about 300ft and look for a very inconspicuous trail (just a couple of sticks on the ground) heading up the mountain on the right). We missed this, so, we learnt it the hard way! This park of the hike up to Throop Peak is pretty steep and so is the final summit to Baden Powell (pretty breathless, in all senses of the word ;-)