Saturday, September 19, 2009

[Hike] Tahquitz Peak and Lily Rock - Idyll Wild, CA

A very beautiful hike that can be made considerably challenging and fun, this one!

The basic hike to the top of Tahquitz Peak is quite straightforward. It is about 6miles RT and takes you up about 2300 ft over 3 miles. It might be a little on the tougher side for some, but, I think it is worth the climb. I am not going to describe the details of this hike because, they are already available here

What made it more interesting for us, was taking an "offtrail" path after we reached the peak and heading towards Lilly Rock. We then boulder hopped our way up to the top of Lilly rock and that was one of the more thrilling experiences I've had. At some points along the scramble up lilly rock, there were steep drop offs of several hundred feet, just inches from our feet!

Here are some interesting pics from the hike...

Nice fire lookout cabin on the top of Tahquitz peak (oh, I wish I could live in this!)

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