Monday, July 06, 2009

[Hike] - Blue Mesa Trail - Petrified National Forest - N-E AZ

This has to be the most magical and surreal trail I have been on...

To get to this trail, take the I-40 E in Arizona, exit into the Petrified National Forest, take the scenic route South to "Blue Mesa Rd". Turn left on Blue Mesa Rd, drive about 3 miles and park where you see a "sun-shade" a little below the road, with some trail maps. The trail is short (about 1.5mi out), but kinda steep... but, a must do, if you visit the petrified national forest!
The weather was absolutely perfect, with blue skies, filled with dispersed clouds... couldn't have asked for better!

I just had to take another angle of the same mountain, because, the clouds looked like smoke pluming off a volcano!(agree?)