Saturday, September 20, 2008

[Hike] Noble Cyn -> Big Laguna Trail -> Sunset Trail - Mt. Laguna CA

Sunset trail, in Mt. Laguna, is a beautiful trail of ups and downs that takes you through a Pine forest a meadow and rewards you with some spectacular views of the Cuyamaca Mountains (that are even more stunning, at sunset)

To get to the trail you could follow this link, or, if you are feeling mavericky (like I was), you could follow a series of connecting trails to get to it. The path we took to get to Sunset trail started off at the "PENNY PINES" trailhead, just past the 27mi mile marker, on Surise Hwy. We started off on the NOBLE CANYON trail, which has a gated entrance. Walking for about 200ft, you should notice a hand pump, on your right. A little further, you turn left to get on to the BIG LAGUNA TRAIL and pass another gate. After this, just stay on the trail, till you see a pine meadow with a water body (Big Laguna Lake) in the distance.

Just before you come up to the meadow, you should see a trail sign that points to SUNSET TRAIL, bear right on that to get onto sunset trail. Continue on that and notice a fence on the left side that goes to the lake (Big Laguna Trail). Continuing past the fence the trail turns to the left, climbs a little and then goes down to the other side of the moutain. Continuing a little further, you climb again to come up to an amazing vista point to view the sunset with the CUYAMACA MOUNTAINS as the backdrop.

Elephant Ear fungus growing on a tree!

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